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Saturday, 16 August 2014


Taking a break to update my blog.
More 3 weeks,final exam is coming so I didn't back hometown to do revision at hostel. I made a lot of new friends at here. Feeling great that they never despise me although I come from a small village. They even said they will go to Tanjong Sepat along with me. I'm proud that where I come from. A village which near to the sea. I never take any photo of my village. After my friend said that he admired me that I live near the sea. Therefore, I shot some of the photo. All this were taken by phone. Actually the original pictures were very clear but after edited by me.....==  
Here has some picture of view of my village:

They are my best uni friends. They really treat me good. Thanks for the tolerance and take care me always.Give them 100 likes. Hahaha. My uni friends like to take photos. We took more than 200 photos after our presentation in 3 hours last week. I never experience this before. Hahaha. I choose some photos only post at my blog.

Lastly, is my selfie!
Fake fake fake and fake candid shot. Hahaha. Face without anything! Even eyebrow! Hahaha

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