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Monday, 14 July 2014

The God of Fortune is standing next to me.

Sorry guys, since my camera has some problems and I don't have any pic to post it. So I decided not to updated my blog. Another reason is because I be strange to use phone to take pic as the quality of pic not as good as camera. Haizz so sad that my camera haven fixed it. Awwwwwh,I miss it so so much. :((

I had been studied at Sungai Long for almost 2 months. Busy for assignment and midterm as well. I can spend my whole day at hostel due to the weather outside. Luckily, I have some great course mate who make my life more colorful! Here show you guys some pic of them.

Selfie before test. LOL. I have no idea what we happy about?

With the pretty and cute babe. JJC and Shi Lang.

Oppsssss! Too noisy in the library so the staff was warning us.(The woman behind is the staff.)

Gonna make revision now due to I can't wake up for my class this morning.(Watching final yesterday) Congratulation to Germany! I'm fan of Argentina. :((

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