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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Last Month of 2013

From January until March :
I work at a chocolate boutique which located at Genting Highlands for almost 3 months with my friends.
I don't want to waste my holiday so I decided go to work
It really was a great experience for me.
Arabic, Korean, Japanese language, Philippine language, Thai language and so on.
These all I learnt from my work place.
If someone needs job, you can inbox me through my FB :)
Review some picture :
Captured by Jam. 
The weather there was damn good and cold.
Can see the sun but you can't feel the hotness of the sun.
If you want to have a white skin, Genting Highland is the most suitable place.

Three of us :)

Handmade chocolate by them as my birthday present.
Cute little batman. :D

If you have watch Running Man, sure you know who this guy look alike. Haha 
From March until May :
I went to PLKN.
Not a very good experience for me.
The main reason is I can't sleep well at there.
We need also stand under the hot weather more than 1 hours.
My skin is easily to become darkness.

From May until Now( first of December) :
Studied at UTAR.
Actually, this was arranged by my parents and I din have any ideas about it.
PASS for my first sem. :)
More 18 days to finish my sem 2 already.
Feeling nervous and a bit stress for final exam. 
I don't want to disappoint my family so I need to pay more effort on my syllabus.

Done for my update.
Need to make revision now. :)