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Friday, 28 February 2014


"When the stress levels get so high and intense, you just couldn't control but to cry when your parents called. I love my mum and dad!"
I saw my senior wrote this in his Facebook. 
It was exactly same with what I am thinking always.
"I seriously dunno how to continue this days when i'm in no way of being happy..."
Same as this one.
I hope I can share my happiness in my blog.
But not share my sadness at here.
I can't really find anyone to talk.
Whenever I think I can control my emotion, it just become useless when I receive my parents call.
Feeling warm when received their for every moments.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Birthday Celebration

Update about my birthday celebration.
Actually, I did not had any special celebration.
So, surprise birthday celebration by friends.
Hahaha. Thanks a lot.
Pictures time:

I still have some pictures in my camera.
Upload next time.

Especially thank to my beloved one-Jane
As we did not study at the same school now,
we did not chat usually or meet up at hometown.
But grateful that we knew each other.
Thanks to what you do to me.
Appreciate it so so much!
I had been loss so many people because of my bad temper,
now I just left that who are sincerely treat me as their friends or even like their own family.
You are the one of them.
Thank you sister.
The latest one of us. Hahaha.

**Happened a lot of things recently.
Stress and sad enough.
How can people treat their friendship like shit? like hell?
I am crazy to think that you are the sincerely one!

Planning a secret project.
End here.
Goodnight. Class tomorrow.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy Chinese New Year
More half hour is Chor 8.
Guess who's birthday tomorrow? :p
Haha. Its me.
Wish myself Happy Birthday first.
Happy Birthday. Officially 19 years old now.