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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kampar FOOD!

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Only left 1 week to do revision before final final. I can't concentrate well to study. Talking about last Monday, my housemate and I decided went to old town, Kampar to have our breakfast. Since we heard so many people introduced the white coffee ice blended, so we just skipped the class to have a try on it! My housemate's friend told her about he had been line up for almost 1 hour. So we went early and luckily we just wait not more than 30 mins. "Oh yeah! Clapss hand!"
Here the photos:
It looked like a small mountain.
RM4 per each cup.You can choose white coffee or milo but I suggest white coffee because the milo flavor not that nice. Location just near the "pasar",25 booth, in old town,Kampar.

Candid shot by friend! Hahaha
We watched Captain America 2 for that afternoon too. Captain is too handsome!"Faint!"

Our steamboat night at Ipoh last Wednesday.
”Good Times Restaurant, Ipoh 怡保碳世界火锅专店“
I forgot to take photo of the ingredient since I am busy with my own food! Hahaha. They provide a lot of foods such as fish, prawn,crab, shellfish, mushrooms, meat, vegetables, fishballs, drinks, dessert and so on..
I super crave for seafood but their seafood not that fresh. :((
RM28.8 per person and RM0.50 for wet tissue.
It is very worth to have dinner at there because we ate for 3 hours++.
How to eat without the pot??

Two types of soup : Tomyam and Herbal soup.

Trying to act serious and the next photo...

BOOM! All laughed like hell. Hahaha

Lastly, we all went to OMG at new town, Kampar.
Beer time! Blur blur photo =$

But first, let us take a selfie! Hahaha

A bit high! Haha

Never forget my selfie before ending!
Time to do revision. Bye.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy April Fool

Hi guys, Happy April Fool today.
My caption is not related to my post. Hehehe
Starting with my new selfie
Done for all midterm, assignment and presentation.
Feeling good now. Haha
Today is my first time to donate blood.
I'm curious about why can I so excited at that time -_-
Actually, I wait for a long period of time ady.
And finally..
I am ready now!

Almost done!
From those photos which taken by friends.
You can see how excited am I. Hahaha
My wound was bruising now.
Errr..Is this situation normal?

End up this post with a picture of couple shoes with friends.
Gonna prepare for final!
Keep it up always.