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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Wanted to update last month(after Chinese New Year), but I'm busy with my midterm and assignment. A lot of things that I want to say about and it keep disturbing me. I dunoe where to start my story. Don't be so emoooooo!

Okay...Talking about Chinese New Year. Why the weather can be so hot?? It really killing me! After done bathing and put my make up on,once I walk to outside and I began to sweat... LOL

Typical outfit for Chor Yat! On the way to grandparent's house.
Outfit Details of Chor Yat.
I always wanted to have a red outfit for Chinese New Year but I can't find it. :( So I change it to white.

Chor 3 outfit. Going to relative's house. So I choose a super simple outfit and I love it!
It was taken by my younger brother. 
I love this photo same as taken by my younger brother. The cat just ignore me and keep sleeping -.- LOLLL
Belloooo! Long last selfie from my camera.Hoping to have a DSLR camera in next year! Gah You bahhh....
This whisky really taste super good!! I'm in love with it. Bought from England by cousin. A short gathering with cousin. :))

Saturday, 24 January 2015


好久不見的中文篇 我又來"靠背"了 哈哈哈 我很少會在同一個月份內更新2次 因為我很懶惰 哈哈哈哈 好啦 其實是我心情不好啦 這種時候是很難找到朋友訴苦的 所以我就默默跑來更新部落格啦 其實也沒什麼事 只不過是自己一個人會胡思亂想一通 倒不如上來更新 假文青一下也爽 哈哈哈哈 

其實我剛打一很長一篇 然後我刪掉了== 用華文打也不是 用英文打也不是 覺得腦袋已當機 算了! 已惱羞成怒了 懶惰再寫了 身邊的朋友大多數都知道什麼事 只不過我就是太生氣了 算了 我要去看戲了 BYEBYE

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Kind of Holiday

My holiday was ending already and I'm back to school again. Seriously,this sem break was the most perfect holiday to me! I have an awesome holiday with those friends.

First day of sem break, I spent together with my uni friends at Sunway Pyramid. I have an amazing experience at there because this was the first time I shopped more than 12 hours in a shopping mall until all shops were closed already and back at 12am!!== I know it seems like a little bit overstated but this is the true! I'm the only one who back home without any shopping bag -.- LOL

Finally my loves one decided come to find me during sem break. Glad to see them again after 1 years. Talking non-stop when be with them. Chit-chat nonstop until early in the morning 5am and we still haven bath yet!(I think I'm the one who talking non-stop and they are my listener for whole night! Hahaha) We don't have much group photo since one of my friend do not like to take photo. I think this photo most probably is the best one! Hahaha

I mentioned about want to have a Christmas celebration with friends or cousin at Sg in my previous post. Actually, I never expect that I can make it come true since my friends and I study in different university and college so our holiday are hard to be same. 2 weeks before Christmas(still in exam week), we starting to talk about Christmas and holiday until we found that we all have the same holiday in Christmas and decided to celebrate Christmas together!
Early flight in that morning. The scenery is really beautiful and awesome! Super exhausted and excited when reached there. LOL

We don't know December is the rainy season so except for the first day and last day are sunny day, the rest of it are rainy day. LOL.

Raining day when back to home.

With le cousin.

Still planning one more time to Sg since we haven go to the main place-Universal Studio. :(

My camera had been fixed so I no need to use phone to take photo already! Hooray :DD