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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Wanted to update last month(after Chinese New Year), but I'm busy with my midterm and assignment. A lot of things that I want to say about and it keep disturbing me. I dunoe where to start my story. Don't be so emoooooo!

Okay...Talking about Chinese New Year. Why the weather can be so hot?? It really killing me! After done bathing and put my make up on,once I walk to outside and I began to sweat... LOL

Typical outfit for Chor Yat! On the way to grandparent's house.
Outfit Details of Chor Yat.
I always wanted to have a red outfit for Chinese New Year but I can't find it. :( So I change it to white.

Chor 3 outfit. Going to relative's house. So I choose a super simple outfit and I love it!
It was taken by my younger brother. 
I love this photo same as taken by my younger brother. The cat just ignore me and keep sleeping -.- LOLLL
Belloooo! Long last selfie from my camera.Hoping to have a DSLR camera in next year! Gah You bahhh....
This whisky really taste super good!! I'm in love with it. Bought from England by cousin. A short gathering with cousin. :))

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