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Saturday, 1 November 2014

November's thing

Hi. It's November now. Had been three months I din update my blog :( Actually, I'm not that busy. I'm just hope to relax myself all the time and doing nothing at home.I spent most of my time on instagram-karenx7 ( Follow me if you want to know more about me! Hahaha) I hope to have more and more time to accompany my family. This weekend I'm not going home so I decide to blog it today! Hehe.

Let's talk about some of my plans in this last two months of 2014.
Short sem for this semester so my holiday is gonna start at 20th Dec or more earlier. I still don't know yet. I hope it can end up at the first week of Dec so I can join my BFF's birthday party.(Hooray!) I don't want to waste my holiday so I hope I can find myself a job(Finding...) It really hard to find a job who only want to work for almost 1 months -.- I hope to have a different Christmas this year. Maybe will celebrate with cousin or my friends at Singapore! For the past few years, I always felt like "What?!that's all?!! OMG! I just celebrated my Christmas like stayed at home or yamcha with friends? I can't believe it! WTH! Seriously?! " Just want to try something different this year!(Can't wait for it!)

I'm not that stronger as what people expect. I'm very weak instead. Most of time people just misunderstanding about me. I'm just a little bit too optimistic.I always tell myself that no matter what kind of mood or emotional you use to face it, the realistic is you still need to face the truth no matter you are smiling or crying. So why don't you smile to face through it. People won't really care about what happen to you. Don't give up and move on!

Oh yeah! Most of my friends know that I had been wear contact lens for few years already(seems like more than 5 years I think!) Actually I'm not a shortsighted (LOL!) Why am I wearing contact lens is because... ( You guys know de larh! Girls mah.. Hahahahaha) Who doesn't want their eyes look bigger and prettier! I tried to remove my contact lens before but it just make me lack of confidence.However I never regret of this! Hehe.

That's all for today! Bye. :DD

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